About Us

The Lower Qu’Appelle Watershed Stewards Inc. (LQWS) is a non-profit community-based organization that will work with municipalities, First Nations, towns, villages, agricultural producers and the public to improve water quality in the watershed while considering the financial viability of communities.  The LQWS was formed July 2013 to implement the watershed plan developed collaboratively by two stakeholder-based committees, a technical committee and the Water Security Agency of Saskatchewan.

The Goals of the LQWS plan are:

  • Safe drinking water will be available to all Lower Qu’Appelle River watershed residents.
  • Water quality in the Qu'Appelle Lakes will be able to support various uses, including aquatic life, industry and recreation.
  • Water quantity and flow in the Lower Qu'Appelle Lakes will be able to support industry, recreation and fishing activities, under a wide range of conditions including drought, flood and everything in between, within the ecological limits of the system.
  • Industry practices (agriculture, manufacturing, oil and gas, mining) will be managed to achieve the water quality and quantity objectives contained within the watershed plan.
  • Water quantity in the upland areas of the watershed will be managed to minimize infrastructure damage, maintain wetlands and reduce erosion and sedimentation.
  • Wastewater management will achieve the water quality goals contained within the watershed plan, while considering the financial viability of watershed communities.
  • Solid waste management will be incrementally improved in the watershed to accomplish water quality goals contained within the watershed plan, while considering the financial viability of watershed communities.
  • The activities found within the watershed plan will be implemented in a manner which respects local values, the input, the mandates and the responsibilities of the various levels of government (federal, provincial, municipal and First Nations).  All parties will provide resources and dedicate collaborative efforts to implement the watershed plan.

Since we all live in a watershed, it is important that we understand how water quality and quantity in our homes and communities can be affected by agricultural, industrial and urban activities.  As well, drinking water sources can be affected by contaminants that can put our health at risk.

To see a copy of the Lower Qu'Appelle River Watershed Plan go to publications page and click the link! 

The LQWS will look for opportunities to work with:

  • Agricultural producers (through agri-environmental group plans) on voluntary incentive based programs to reduce the amount of fertilizers, chemicals and manure that enters streams and rivers;
  • Municipalities, First Nations, resort communities and other interested parties to find funding to improve water and wastewater facilities;
  • Government and non-government groups to understand the water quality concerns in the watershed and help develop solutions; and
  • Residents in the watershed to increase awareness of water quality concerns, drinking water safety, water conservation, the LQWS organization and the environment.