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Board of Directors

The LQWS board of directors is made up a variety of stakeholders from East and West points of the watershed. 

Board Chair - Robert Bruce (Spy Hill, Urban Municipality East)
Vice ChairRoger Junek, (R.M. of Fertile Belt)
Loyld Dancsok (R.M of Fertile Belt) 
Lorne Schentag (Esterhazy, Business East)
Dave Moore (Esterhazy Wildlife Federation, Non-Governmental Organization)
Tim Stoll (District of Katepwa)
Harvey Mucha (R.M. of Grayson)

Technical Advisor
Etienne.Soulodre (Water Security Agency, Government) 

On behalf of the Lower Qu'Appelle Watershed Stewards Inc., we would like to thank the following individuals who served on the Committee and the Board in the past.  
Larry Dancsok, (AEGP East)
Bob Moulding, (AEGP West)
Barry Brown (Mosaic)
Stephanie Jay (Mosaic)
Helena Blaser (R.M. of Cupar)
Douglas Clark (R.M of North Qu’Appelle, Rural Municipality West)
Glenda Hodson (District of Katepwa, Resort Village West)
Daryle Desjarlais (Lebret Métis Local #48, Métis) 
Janet Englot (Village of Abernthey, Urban Municipality West)
Alice Davis (FN)
Bill Huber (R.M. of Lipton, CLFSG AEGP)
Fred Weekly (District of Katepwa)
Jim Harding (Village of Fort San)
Garth Gish (Village of B Say Tah)

If your group is not being represented by the current board, then please see our Get Involved page to find out how your group can get involved and be on the board.