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The Lower Qu'Appelle Watershed is the downstream half of the Qu'Appelle River basin, and covers an area of approximately 17, 800 km².  The watershed extends from the west at Craven to the east to the Manitoba boarder. The six major lakes found within the watershed are Pasqua, Echo, Mission, Katepwa, Crooked, and Round. Main tributaries include the the Loon, Jumping Deer, Pheasant, Kaposvar, Pearl, Indianhead, Redfox, Ekapo, Cutarm and Scissor creeks. 

The entire length of the Qu'Appelle Valley runs from the west, at Lake Diefenbaker, to the east into Manitoba, where it crosses the Saskatchewan-Manitoba boarder and meets the Assiniboine River at St. Lazare. The Qu'Appelle river occupys a former glacial spillway, which created the valley that is 180 metres deep and approximately 2km across. Flows in the Qu'Appelle are controlled, since much of the tributaries that feed the system have varying levels dependent on precipitation, and run-off events. Water from Lake Diefenbaker that is let into the system by the Qu'Appelle River dam is used to enhance the natural supply of the system. The river meets with its neighbouring watershed to the north, the Assinibonie, in Manitoba where it joins the Red River, Lake Winnipeg, and Nelson River to flow out to sea at Hudson Bay. The Qu'Appelle Valley gets it name from the French word for "who calls", which was derived from the Cree name kah-tep-was which meant "river that calls". 

There are many species that call the Qu'Appelle Valley home, and they differ from East to West, along with patches of specific mostiure levels. A person can find various species at risk including the Big Mouth Buffalo Fish (Ictiobus cyprinellus), and Northern Leopard Frog (Lithobates pipiens). There is 34 species of fish that can be found in the Qu'Appelle, 19 of which are native. Some of these fish species include Walleye (Saskatchewan's Provinical fish), Northern Pike, Yellow Perch, White Sucker, Channel Catfish, and Rock Bass (the only native sunfish in Saskatchewan). The various plant species vary from thick brush and trees, including Bur Oak the only native oak in Saskatchewan, to dry slopes that contain various native prairie grass species. A variety of birds and mammals call the Qu'Appelle Valley home.

* information courtesy of the Water Security Agency & The Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan (Qu'Appelle River & Qu'Appelle Valley entries)

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