Please note that due to the low uptake of the Farm and Ranch Water Infrastructure Program and the Farm Stewardship Program, Lower Qu'Appelle Watershed Steward Stewards will no longer offer technical support to these programs.

For information on the FRWIP and FSP and/or technical assistance please call:

Agriculture Knowledge Centre

Toll Free Number: 1-866-457-2377

The Farm Stewardship Program is here to provide information and financial assistance for producers to implement beneficial management practices (BMP's) that enhance sustainability and resiliency in the sector.


  • Earn a maximum of $50,000 gross farm income in Saskatchewan
  • Each BMP may also have specific eligibility criteria.


  • Each BMP has its own funding limits and eligibility requirements.
  • Separate applications must be made for each eligible project.

To access the Ministry of Agriculture Application Page for FSP projects please hit the blue bar below.

The purpose of the Farm and Ranch Water Infrastructure Program (FRWP) is to develop secure and sustainable water sources for agriculture in Saskatchewan. Mitigate the impact of drought and decommissioning of abandoned wells to improve public safety and to reduce potential groundwater contamination.

This program consists of 2 parts:

  • Rebate (Dugout, Pipeline and well rebate).
  • Pre-approval (Well Decommissioning and Special Projects Pre-approval).


Farm dugouts on the Prairies have been used as small, water storage reservoirs for many years. In areas where groundwater is either unavailable or of very poor quality, impounding surface runoff is often the only means of ensuring a continuous water supply. Dugouts capture the temporary surface water that occurs during snowmelt in the spring. Water may also be collected as runoff from summer rains, but is typically of very low quality. To maintain the reliability of supply, storage capacity must be sufficient to compensate for years of insufficient runoff, summer loses due to evaporation, and winter loses due to ice formation.

Back in the early years, our federal government helped establish design standards for dugouts to make them a more viable source of water.

Today, there are programs available to continue to improve farm dugouts.

Eligible projects include: New Dugouts, Test Holes, Engineering or Consulting and Dugout Expansions (Dugout expansions must increase by 1/3).

For more information on what programs are available for a new dugout or an expansion of your existing dugout, give us a call at 306.745.9774.

For more information on Dugouts click the link below for the Quality Farm Dugouts handbook

To access the Ministry of Agriculture Application Page for FRWIP projects please hit the blue bar below.

Saskatchewan CAP Producer Rebate Funding

The Assurance System Producer Rebate provides support to increase producer participation in biosecurity, animal welfare and on-farm food safety initiatives.

Approved eligible costs are funded at 50 per cent to a maximum rebate of $15,000.

Supports producers in livestock, poultry and apiculture sectors with farm or ranch assurance programs to meet and validate adherence to national standards or codes. This can include assistance with:

  • Meeting national mandatory or voluntary standards and seeking certification; and
  • Improving producer understanding of biosecurity and animal welfare needs and adopt improved practices through education and awareness, veterinarian/technical expert assessments, audits, and equipment funding.

Livestock Stream includes the following sectors:

  • Apiculture, beef, dairy, sheep, goat, bison, cervid, swine and poultry producers.

*Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis subject to funds being available.


  • Demonstrate a minimum of $50,000 (Beef) or $15,000 (Sheep) in gross farm income in Saskatchewan.
  • Take the Verified Beef Production Plus (VBP+) training (Beef) or Industry Course (Sheep) – Please inquire for more information.
  • Have an assessment completed by a veterinarian licensed in Saskatchewan.
  • Have a Premises Identification number (PID).