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The Vision for the watershed is.....

  • A long-term, stable, high-quality water supply for people and for the environment
  • Healthy ecosystems, Water quality in the Lower Qu'Appelle Lakes will be able to support recreation, fishing and economic development within the ecological limits of the system.

The Lower Qu’Appelle Watershed Stewards Inc. (LQWS) is located in southeastern part of Saskatchewan and covers an approximate area of 17,800 square kilometres. Forming the lower or downstream half of the Qu’Appelle River Basin, the Lower Qu’Appelle River Watershed begins near the Town of Craven to the Manitoba Border.

The most distinctive characteristic of the Lower Qu’Appelle River Watershed is the Qu’Appelle River Valley. The valley originated as a glacial spillway and runs the entire length of the watershed. The Qu’Appelle Valley has a relatively flat bottom with steep side slopes and varies from 1.6 to 3.2 kilometres in width. Our Qu’Appelle River is confined to the Qu’Appelle Valley and flows through six major lakes. From west to east these lakes include Pasqua, Echo, Mission, Katepwa, Crooked and Round Lakes. Major tributaries to the Qu’Appelle River are Loon, Jumping Deer, Pheasant and Kapsovar Creeks. Lesser tributaries include the Pearl, Indianhead, Redfox, Ekapo, Cutarm and Scissor Creeks.

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Up to $15,000 Producer Funding Available Under CAP

Eligibility Criteria

  • Demonstrate a minimum of $50,000 in gross farm income.
  • Take the Verified Beef Production Plus (VBP+) training.
  • Have an assessment completed by a veterinarian licensed in Saskatchewan
  • Have Premises Identification Number (PID)

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