Community Confidence

Calling Lakes Eco Museum (CLEM) have asked the WSA 3 questions regarding the Lake Diefenbaker Irrigation Project. Click the expand link to find out what they asked and then read what WSA's response was to those 3 questions.

CLEM Questions for MLA Feb 2022 A.docx

Great News for the City of Regina!

On March 16 th, 2022 a motion was put forth by Councilor Cheryl

Stadnichuk to address the City of Regina’s cosmetic use of

pesticides. Here is the video link - please stroll to minutes 3:07 to

watch the discussion.


CLEM FB post about cosmetic pesicides_.docx
SAWS Three Questions You Should Ask Your Candidates FINAL.pdf
SAWS SASK Party.docx
WSA Response.pdf