Community Confidence

Community Confidence

Building community confidence is an integral part of our watershed and ensuring local solutions to our local issues of concerns.

We need to feel trust and confidence in all levels of government decision processes. Trust and confidence, in turn can be thought to flow from a sense that decision processes deliver results that are fair in both substance and process.

Our stakeholders, like the Saskatchewan Alliance for Water Sustainability (SAWS) and others continue to show our communities that we are listening and learning.

We will commit to:

  • Engage regularly with our industries and all levels of government and not just when something goes wrong;
  • We will endeavour to focus, learn and comment on our decision makers, regulators and policy makers;
  • We will continue to ask: What is broken? and Is improvement needed?; and
  • We will continue to collaborate and debate our efforts with policy makers, regulators, industry, and local communities including our Indigenous communities.

Our Watershed, continues to want clear transparency. On this page we will keep information on all events or matters that are currently taking place or just to review history of how much work we put into keeping our lakes, rivers and streams safe and free from toxic inhibitors.