The second annual Farmland Drainage and the Environment Conference took place December 7 - 11, 2020 and January 11 - 15 2021

This virtual conference addressed the theme of farmland drainage effects to water and our environment.

Jeff Olson, Manager Director of the Citizens Environmental Alliance presents: An introduction and Update to Farmland Drainage in Saskatchewan

Patricia Farnese, UofR; Regulatory Framework underlying Wetland Drainage in Sask. A case study using Quill Lakes and Peatland Harvesting.

Murray Hidlebaugh, presents Quantifying Carbon Sequestration in Wetlands and the impact from Farmland Drainage

Alice Davis, Manager, Lower Qu'Appelle Watershed Stewards; Sources of Nutrients and their impacts to Water Quality in the Qu'Appelle River Watershed.

Dr. Kiel Drake, Prairies Director, Birds Canada Presents Wetland drainage and it's impacts on biodiversity in the prairie and parkland region of Canada

Bob Halliday, presentation on the Farmland Drainage

Trevor Harriot, Public Pastures - presents Bush, Sloughs, and Grass, Making Room for wilderness

Dr, Britt Hall, Associate Professor, UofR; Wetland Drainage and bioaccumulation of methylmercury in aquatic ecosystems.