Our Research Projects

The Nutrient Loading into the Lower Qu'Appelle Watershed Study

Completed by Elena Diebel and Parker Trimp from the University of Regina. This study looks at the mass nutrient loading from municipal wastewater treatment systems that discharge effluent into the Qu'Appelle River Basin. from 53 communities. This report will assist us to develop a better understanding of the municipal sewage effluent has the quality of our watershed. In addition to this report as part of their study, Elena and Parker designed a reduction strategy for the Town of Indian Head Lagoon, which you will find at the end of the report. This part of their work was a project they had written as an requirement of the class. It is not and was not presented to the Town of Indian Head.

Municpal Effluent Report 2017 2018 - Elena Diebel and Parker Trimp.pdf

In addition to the Municipal Effluent Study, our Committee continues to focus on our critical questions within our plan to address the concerns:

  • Mass Balance Study - To identify nutrient contributions from tributaries - is ongoing and anticipated to be completed in 2018.
  • Ag nutrient contributions - an initial estimate of nutrient contributions from agriculture operations and wetland drainage currently underway.