Wetlands For Tomorrow

Saskatchewan's drainage strategy threatens our precious wetlands.

Saskatchewan is the only province in Canada without a wetland conservation policy. 

Our neighboring provinces, Alberta and Manitoba, understand the benefits of our wetlands and manage wetland conservation by policy and have incorporated a no-further-loss approach.

Saskatchewan’s government is developing a new policy called the Ag Water Stewardship Policy, but there is no provision for wetland conservation. It’s a drainage policy that will promote the drainage of two million acres of wetlands.

Scientists and water experts warn about the danger we will be faced with if wetlands continue to be drained or degraded.

The dangers of this policy include Increased toxic algae blooms in our lakes and rivers; increased infrastructure damage and costs due to flooding; water hauling or deeper wells for household use due to a shortage of groundwater sources; increased health-care costs due to freshwater pollution and decreased property values due to lack of fishing, swimming, etc.

The Water Security Agency is trying to convince us that 86 per cent of wetlands remain undrained. Researchers have shown that in some parts of Saskatchewan we’ve lost 90 per cent of the wetlands.

The definition of stewardship is the responsible use and protection of the natural environment through conservation and sustainable practices. How can this policy be called a stewardship policy when it only benefits a few, won’t allow wetland restoration, ignores downstream impacts, and fails to protect our environment?  In the past, Saskatchewan received grants to restore 1000's of acres of wetlands only to be destroyed now.

The Water Security Agency is not listening to our researchers at the University of Regina and the University of Saskatchewan and its citizens. Instead of protecting wetlands and mitigating impacts from drainage like WSA led us to believe, WSA is now preparing to release a new drainage policy that will allow for the drainage of millions of acres of wetlands, won't mitigate impacts, cause toxic algae blooms, increase floods and droughts, impact source water and create an agricultural growth policy that benefits farmers at the expense of the taxpayers and all the people living downstream.

We Are Here To Educate Others: We are here to host workshops, webinars, and community events to educate people about this issue that will impact us and our future generations to come. 

We welcome all donations to this cause, as it impacts all of us!  Please if you wish to donate you can email your donations to wetlandsfortomorrow@gmail.com

Remember, every action counts, and by spreading awareness and inspiring others, we'll contribute to a healthier environment for ourselves and our future generations!

Documents of Importance to the loss of Wetlands